Professional Services

A well-designed Cloud Strategy will help your business run more seamlessly.

Networking & Security

Network security continues to challenge even the most careful organizations. As networks become more complex, issues become magnified. We employ a team of highly capable and certified engineers that can help identify issues, design robust environments and assist you with your most pressing networking needs.

Design: When it comes to network creation and evolution, your project options can seem limitless. We can help! Hipskind TSG offers network design and consulting services, utilizing an extensive portfolio of vendor partners, insuring the delivery of cost effective, reliable and future-proof networks.

Assess: Our network assessment is the perfect way to identify network issues or to begin network infrastructure development, expansion, or upgrade discussions. Hipskind TSG utilizes a set of tools that will gather and analyze network inventory, network issues, and performance of local area, wide area and wireless networks.

Integrate: Network integration can be tricky. When it comes to getting disparate networks to interact properly there is no substitute for experience. Our highly certified and experienced engineers can assist in deploying and integrating networks that achieve design objectives, maximize stability, and insure seamless connectivity.


Advanced virtual environments are more complex than ever, necessitating the need for expert advice and consulting. Take advantage of Hipskind’s experienced and certified engineers to create, expand or optimize your environment while gaining hands-on knowledge for your team.

Assessments: Hipskind employs a wide range of tools to insure that your systems are optimized and updated to meet your needs. We deliver current state assessments that insure your configurations are deployed utilizing best practices. We measure performance and utilization so you know your systems are designed and built to meet the needs of your business.

Integration: Deploying virtual environments correctly (the first time) is a matter of experience and maintaining current industry knowledge. As a result of our focused approach, Hipskind is continuously training our certified engineers to stay current on the latest technology.

Architecture: The key to correct architecture is the examination of current needs, and future state requirements, then utilizing a methodical approach to design systems that eliminate resource silos, identify data requirements, integrate existing resources, and ultimately deliver on the needs of the business.


Storage Platforms: Data growth is a certainty of the digital age.  Securing and managing your organization’s data while providing availability and performance is a challenge.  Hipskind Engineers can size and deploy your next production storage platform and integrate it with your systems.

Assess: Our engineers use a variety of tools to gather data points about your storage platform, workloads, and use cases.  We evaluate your infrastructure to determine the best fit from our variety of SAN and NAS products.

Deploy: Hipskind Engineers are vendor certified to deliver your new storage array in a planned and efficient manner.  Most modern storage deployments can be performed non-disruptively, and provide more space, more IOPS, and more resiliency.

Integrate: Whether your business dictates SAN or NAS, Ethernet or Fiber-Channel, Hipskind Engineers can get your new storage solution working with your compute stack.  Aligning your key applications to the storage environment and protecting them with snapshots or replication are part of the total solution we can offer.

Cloud Strategy

More business are investing less money in on-premise IT infrastructure, and cloud adoption continues to increase as businesses are looking to move more workloads and applications to the cloud – whether it be public, private, or hybrid cloud. Whether you’re in the research and exploratory stage, or if you are already utilizing the cloud for some of your workloads, we can help you understand and put together a Cloud Strategy to help optimize your IT environments regardless of what step you’re in on the process.

Our team will help you understand the technology on the different cloud platforms, how to manage and monitor your virtualized environment in the cloud, and implement best practices. All while understanding your budget and helping set the right priorities for your cloud strategy. Hipskind will then help put together a migration plan once the workloads and applications have been determined and mapped out.

Our Cloud Strategy service will also help you understand other key products and services that will make sense for your organization including backups, security services, Disaster Recovery plan, or any of our Managed Services that will augment and simplify your everyday business operations.

Cloud Migration

Whether you’re transitioning from an on-premise IT environment to the cloud, or migrating data from one cloud to another, Hipskind offers a Migration Service to assist with this critical step in your cloud strategy.

Migrations may involve a considerable amount of manual labor, and there is a lot of preparation and testing involved to make sure that all necessary configurations for servers, networks, and operating systems will function in the new cloud environment.

Let our expert migration engineers handle the entire migration process – from analyzing and understanding all your applications and services that require detailed planning, to handling the entire migration process to reduce the risks involved in this effort and ensure that you don’t experience any interruption to your business operations.

Compliance & Security

Commitment to deliver compliance and cloud services with integrated security

Hipskind’s Public and Private Cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001:2013 certified, which is a widely recognized and valued certification. ISO is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

For businesses in regulated industries; the Hipskind compliant cloud maps your PCI DSS Requirements to our secure cloud solutions, utilizing common sense steps that mirror security best practices, or show you how they map to HIPAA policies and ultimately to the Code of Federal Regulations for HIPAA compliance.

ISO 27001:2013 allows the information security function inside Finance, IT and Operations organizations (FITOPs) to be proactive in developing, deploying, managing, and maintaining an information security program while ensuring business continuity across the company. Providing Customers ISO 27001 certification helps:

  • Manage and protect valuable information assets.
  • Demonstrates the independent assurance of internal controls.
  • Meets corporate governance and business continuity requirements.
  • Independently demonstrates that applicable laws and regulations are observed.
  • Provides businesses the ability to demonstrate to their customers that the security of their data is crucial.

Additionally, all our data centers are SSAE 16-certified Tier IV facilities, and we adhere to the Data Protection Act of 1998, which is foundational for HIPAA and PCI compliance. SOC reports available upon request.

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