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Hipskind TSG is Committed to Our Partners

The Hipskind Partner Network is designed to help you build and deliver innovative cloud solutions, differentiate yourself from your competitors and provide you with the tools to make the most of every sales opportunity. As we evolve our channel strategy, we value our relationship with you even more and therefore have designed the program to help support and grow our respective businesses.

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Your customers place a high priority on the monitoring and protection of their information and IT infrastructure, so Hipskind TSG products add value to the solutions you offer—and Hipskind brand leadership and quality inspire your customers’ confidence in you. Through this mutually beneficial relationship, we believe that you and your customers will enjoy the unique solutions we can offer.

Partner Network Benefits

Hipskind TSG is committed to offering you a set of robust benefits and incentives as well as ensuring it is easy to do business with us.

  • Cutting Edge Cyber Secure Cloud PlatformTM (CSCP)
  • Full Set of Solutions – IaaS, Compliance, PCI, HIPAA, BC/DR, all with our Threat Observation PlatformTM Security Advantage
  • Flexible Deployment Options – Customizable to Customer Needs
  • Strong Alliance Ecosystem & Commitment to Partnering
  • Comprehensive Enablement Support
  • White Glove Support from Innovative CSP
  • Our Commitment to Ease of Doing Business!

“Our Secure Cloud Platform gives your customers a true cybersecurity advantage.”

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