Managed Services

Let us be an extension to your IT department by managing Operating Systems from the Hipskind service catalog on your cloud servers.

OS Managed Services

Hipskind offers a Managed OS Service for the operating systems (OS) we offer our customers.

This service helps provide an extension to IT departments to manage Operating Systems with the installation, administration, maintenance, monitoring, and optional special services for managing Operating Systems.  This service is for Cloud Servers running Windows and RHEL OS’s from our Hipskind Catalog.

This managed service provides supplemental support to assist with various OS issues that could possibly occur.  Although this service does not include management related to Applications, our Cloud Engineers will work with Customers on helping to resolve application related issues on a best effort basis to keep your Cloud Solutions running. We also implement best practices for OS optimization for workloads such as SQL or Exchange, to ensure that your applications will have minimal issues and optimum performance.  It is important to note that this service does not include managing end user applications or issues.

For more detailed information on Hipskind’s Managed OS Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.

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Managed Monitoring

Gain additional resources on your IT team, with our Monitoring Managed Service.

It can be challenging to allocate IT manpower resources to monitor and manage critical components of your virtual environments. Our Monitoring Managed Service is a supplemental proactive monitoring service for Hipskind Public, Private, and Hybrid solutions that will serve as additional support to your IT team to monitor and resolve all of your critical alerts for you 24x7x365.

Our NOC will carefully monitor all critical components in your environment, as well as designing a custom escalation strategy should issues arise.   Customers are able to subscribe to this service at a per VM level, providing flexibility and cost efficiency for critical servers that require this level of high touch service.

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SQL Database Managed Services

High-performing database systems don’t come easy.

They start with architecture that’s flexible, scalable and reliable, followed by proper deployment, resource usage and maintenance. A DBA is just the beginning; enterprise data systems require network and infrastructure expertise. Today, that means virtualization, cloud architecture and performance tuning.

Hipskind’s managed services deliver value across all aspects of the data tier. Hipskind provides you with professionals with years of experience architecting, deploying and managing enterprise SQL Server deployments taking advantage of many years of experience with some of the largest transactional systems in the world. They have worked extensively in the finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and public service arenas with organizations large and small. Data, process, and technical expertise at the application, network, and infrastructure levels are essential for getting the most out of your mission critical data platform. Our combined teams of experts wield the tools and expertise necessary to ensure a healthy data ecosystem.

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Managed Backup

Hipskind offers a fully managed backup service to protect your Cloud Servers against loss of data in the event of a hard drive failure, system crashes, user deletion errors, accidents, or even a disaster. We offer our backup service on an enterprise platform that handles this essential task on a regular basis to prevent critical data loss. Our Cloud Engineers take on the responsibility of implementing and configuring the backup service, providing 24 X 7 X 365 management and monitoring of all backups, making sure that you have enough space to save all your critical backup data.

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Managed Replication

Hipskind offers a fully Managed Replication Service to meet your critical backup and disaster recovery strategy.

We eliminate the complexity and cost of organizations having to build out fully redundant systems to have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan.  With our Managed Replication Service, your Cloud Servers and all associated data and applications are replicated to another predetermined Hipskind Data Center of your choice.

Your protected Cloud Server’s data, websites, and applications are backed up every night during our backup window.  Once completed, the Replication process starts at a geographically distant Hipskind datacenter of your choice.   This allows for us to secure your backups to another datacenter in the event of any disaster, whether it is natural or not.

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For more detailed information on Hipskind’s Managed Services please contact us.